Custom Sign Mistakes Every Business Owner Tends To Make

You can pay for all of the promotional material that you want, but there is one thing that stands above the rest when it comes to advertising: the sign that you place on your business. This is the one thing that you can almost guarantee everyone in the area will see and you have to make sure that the message you portray is what it needs to be. Unfortunately, business owners tend to make a lot of mistakes when it comes to the custom sign they place on or near their building. Here are a few of those huge mistakes that you should work to avoid as a business owner in need of a custom sign for your business.

Mistake: Using the wrong color scheme on the sign.

Why? Whether you realize it or not, specific color choices always convey a certain message to potential customers. There are color choices associated with certain types of businesses that should always be considered when you are in the process of designing your own sign. For example:

  • primary colors combined, such as red, blue, and yellow, are typically associated with child-related businesses
  • pink, purple, and other more feminine colors are often associated with feminine-related businesses, such as hair salons or women's clothing
  • medical facilities often have a sign that is blue and white

Mistake: Not considering the height of the sign through the design process.

Why? The higher your sign is situated in the atmosphere, the more it will affect how your customers see the sign at all. Muted color choices, such as soft pastels, grays, or even some shades of blue will be especially hard to decipher if your sign is at a high elevation. If you do plan to have a custom sign installed at a taller height, bold color contrasts are important to portray the most visibility.

Mistake: Trying to incorporate too much information.

Why? A sign that has too much information will just appear overcrowded, and even though your intentions will be to convey the most information as possible, an overcrowded sign will have the opposite appeal. You have to keep in mind that passersby may only see your sign for a few seconds. Therefore, you want to be able to send a complete message in that small time frame by keeping your sign's message short and to the point. Your business name, a phone number, and possibly a graphic will usually suffice when it comes to sign design. Click here for more information.

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