Features To Look For When Purchasing A Chair For Large Employees

When you purchase office chairs for your employees, it is crucial that you purchase chairs that accommodate employees of all sizes. For larger employees, you will need a chair that is able to support his or her weight and that can be sat in safely. You will need to know what characteristics to look for in an office chair for large people.

Supporting The Weight Of The Employee

Your office chair will need a largre base and a stronger cylinder. Asking your employee's weight can be offensive. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you carefully estimate the size of your employees, and do not be afraid to go over. There are many office chairs that are strong enough to support 500 pounds.

Wooden Chairs

Cushioned wooden frame chairs are usually strong enough to support the weight of larger individuals. These chairs will not swivel but are otherwise a good option for larger employees.


Large chairs that are made with a perforated material are ideal for heavier employees because it provides them with more circulation. This makes it easier for employees to remain cool and sweat less often.

Caster Size

If the chair will be a rolling chair, pay attention to the size of the casters. This will determine whether the casters will be able to support the weight of a heavier person or if the casters will need to be replaced frequently.

Gas Lifts

Some chairs come with a gas lift that needs to be inserted into a receptacle to ensure that the chair will be able to support very heavy weight.

Chairs That Can Recline

Another issue is when the office chair needs to recline. Office chairs that are not built for heavier people will simply fall backwards when these individuals lean back in their chairs rather than remaining in one position.

Adjustable Arms

The arms need to be adjustable so that they can be spread out to a position that is comfortable to the worker. Otherwise, your employee will feel as if he or she is shoehorned into the chair and will not be able to move the arm rests into a comfortable position.

Unfortunately, purchasing an office chair for a large individual tends to become very expensive, since it is more expensive to design a chair that has all of these necessary features and provides adequate support. However, when attempting to attract the best talent, these accommodations are essential.

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