3 Tips For Packaging Your Business's Products For Shipping

The condition in which customers receive your product can have an impact on how well your business performs. If the packaging looks rushed, customers might be less likely to continue purchasing from your business. To help ensure your business is making the best impression with its packaging, here are some tips to remember.

Know Your Exterior Packaging Options

The default packaging option for many businesses is corrugated boxes, but there are other options available that offer additional protection. For instance, a polybag adds another layer of protection against water for your products. Smaller packages can be placed inside the bag for shipping.

Even if you are planning to use corrugated boxes for your shipping, there are various options that you should consider. For instance, instead of opting for a single-wall box, you can upgrade to the double-wall, which offers more protection. Double-wall boxes are sturdier and ideal for products that are heavy.

Fill the Void

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in packaging products is to leave too much spacing between the exterior packaging and the product. The product can shift around during shipping and get damaged. Damaged products cost your business. Not only will you have to replace the product that is damaged, but also pay additional for the shipping costs.

To fill the void, you can opt for the traditional styrofoam bits or air cushions. Styrofoam is the more cost-effective option, but air cushions are less messy for your customers.

Before closing the package, take a moment to consider the conditions under which the products will travel. Outside elements, such as humidity, can impact the products. Taking steps now can protect the products. For instance, the addition of desiccants can help reduce moisture in the box in humid climates.

Properly Seal the Package

Even if your packages are only traveling a short distance, you want to be sure that the contents are secured and will arrive without the packaging being breached. One way to accomplish this is to ensure the packages are properly sealed.

It is imperative that you use quality packaging tape to close your packages. If you are uncertain that the tape will remain in place or you are shipping heavier items, consider using bands to further secure the packages.

There are other steps you can take to ensure your products arrive as expected. Consult with a professional packaging company to learn the best packaging methods available for your particular products.

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