Tips For Saving Your Business Money When Printing On A Laser Printer

If your office spends a lot of money on printing costs over the course of a year, then you will be pleased to learn that there are many ways you can save money. While creating a company culture that promotes electronic communication and less overall document printing can go a long way towards saving on printing costs, this isn't always possible so using money-saving tactics can help with your technology budget. For times when printing is necessary, use these time-tested tips to save your business money:

Tip: Print in Greyscale Whenever Possible

If your business uses a color laser printer, then you should print as many documents in greyscale as possible. While you won't want to print your presentation or client documents with photos or colored graphics in black-and-white. internal documents printed in greyscale will save a lot of money when it is time to replace color printing cartridges.

Tip: Print on Both Sides of the Paper

One way your business can save on paper costs is to print all of your documents on both sides of the paper using the duplex function on your printer. While two-sided printing will not save you money on toner, it will save you money on printer paper and help save trees.

Tip: Avoid Printing Unnecessary Images

You can save your company's printer a lot of toner usage if you choose to print the text of documents and skip unnecessary printing of images, graphics, and photos. For documents where the images are not necessary when you print, set your printer so that it bypasses them when printing and only prints the text. You can find this printer setting by opening up your printer's "settings" tab on your computer and changing the print option to "text only."

Tip: Consider Using Two Printers in Your Office

Finally, if you print a lot of photographs in the course of your business day, you might want to consider getting a second printer for this task. Ink jet printers do an excellent job printing photos and their ink is often much cheaper than that of colored laser printers. By printing your photos on the ink jet, you will save money. You can then print all of your black-and-white documents on the laser printer since black toner is less expensive than ink for an ink jet. 

Tip: Refill Your Own Toner Cartridges

Finally, to save a lot of money on printer toner you can always learn how to refill your own cartridges. This task is simple to do once you have mastered the technique and you can purchase a kit with everything you need to do the job online.

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