Save Money On Your Next Public Speaker With These 3 Tips

If you frequently use public speakers for your corporate or social events, you know that a speaker's fees can add up fast. However, you may be missing out on opportunities to save money while still hiring great speakers for your functions. Take a look at some of the best tips that can help you find great speakers at a price that your organization can afford.

Spend Local

Put in the effort to find speakers in your own local area – the odds are that you have at least a few good ones nearby. Busy speakers are often glad for the chance to make some money at an event, then go home, say goodnight to their kids, and go to sleep in their own bed instead of in yet another motel room. For this reason, local speakers may be more willing to cut a deal on their fee than a speaker who lives on the other side of the country. And if nothing else, you'll save on airline tickets.

Give Your Speaker a Chance to Sell

Does your preferred speaker have a book, informational CDs or DVDs, or other materials of their own creation that they sell? The speaker might be willing to cut you a break on fees if you give them some time and space to sell their own materials at your event – after all, your audience is a potential new market for them.

Make sure that you clarify when and where your speaker can sell. You don't want them pitching their products during their presentation – your audience will resent being made to sit through an infomercial. However, you'll want to give the speaker a prominent spot to showcase their products before or after their speech so that the price break is worthwhile to them.

Get The Insider Info

Consider using a broker or agency to help you find speakers who are willing to budge on their rates. The good news about using a broker or an agency is that they tend to have information that you don't.

For example, they may be aware of a speaker who has family in your area and is looking for an excuse to visit, which may make them more inclined to be flexible. Or they can suggest a speaker that already has a booking in your area around the same time-frame, which can bring the cost down for you, since the speaker is already there anyway.

Hiring a great speaker for your events doesn't have to blow your budget. You can hire a public speaker at an affordable price if you know how to look for mutual advantages. 

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