Making History with the Family-Memories Business

It seems like almost everyone is interested in keeping family memories close. As a businessperson, you can profit from the family-memories industry while serving a useful purpose. It can be difficult for people to keep up with saving memorabilia and preserving the past. When you get into the business of helping people make and retain memories, you can literally make history. Here are some ways to get into this lucrative and noble business.

1. Convert Videotapes

Most people can remember times when taping things on video camera was the best way to capture the moments that were important in a family's life. Video cameras used some form of magnetic cassettes that were either micro-cassettes, standard cassettes, or VHS tapes. Unfortunately, these tapes don't withstand the rigors of time very well. The tapes can disintegrate through temperature fluctuations or even from being played repeatedly. As such, it is easy to lose all the memories that were recorded on those tapes.

If you operate a videotape conversion service like Prime Time Video Digital Productions, you can help families preserve the memories on those tapes. With the use of specialized equipment, your business would be able to convert videotapes into digitized movies that can be viewed on computers. These digitized versions aren't susceptible to time and temperature and could last forever.

2. Sell Scrapbooking Supplies

Scrapbooking is a popular way for individuals and families to keep memories close. Scrapbooking involves collecting memorabilia such as ticket stubs, printed photos, hair ribbons, swaths of fabric, and other items and saving them in a scrapbook. The scrapbook is typically heavily adorned with stickers and print that enhance the aesthetic appearance of the scrapbook.

By some estimates, crafting is a $30 billion a year industry. You can be a part of it by opening and running a business selling scrapbooking supplies either online or in a brick-and-mortar retail environment.

3. Family-History Books

Almost everyone has someone in the family who seems to be the family historian. That person has endless stories about current and past family members. Once that family historian is gone, there is a risk that the stories will be lost as well.

You could operate a business that sets those stories to print. The family historian could dictate the stories, upload the files to your business, and then have you design and build a beautiful family-history book for the family to enjoy.

There are many business avenues you can take to get involved in the family memories industry. These are just three that will get you started in this interesting and lucrative enterprise.

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