What To Do When Your Water Quality Is Making You Sick

Having a bad water supply in your home is a problem that homeowners can occasionally face. It's worthwhile to be aware of potential water quality issues and the steps to take to remedy them. 

Problems that Can Result from Poor Water Quality

There are many problems that can result from poor water quality. The first and most obvious one is gastrointestinal illness. When you have repeated stomach illness and it's common to all members in your family, your water source is probably one of the first places you'll turn to look for answers. 

Illness doesn't have to be as sudden as that, though. If you have chemicals or an overabundance of minerals in your water, it can slowly affect your body chemistry over time. An illness may develop as a result of this chronic exposure to additives in the water, and it may linger for a lot longer than a simple stomach illness. 

Even more subtle than that is lower water consumption that comes from low enjoyment of the water quality. If your water has an unappealing taste, and it causes you to not drink enough water for a longer span of time, this can affect your holistic health, since your body needs a consistent intake of water to function correctly. 

Causes of Water Quality Issues

The sources of water pollution are often somewhere in the intermediate steps between your water treatment facility and your home. For instance, if the ground in between these sites is contaminated with chemical runoff or improperly treated waste, these can seep into your water supply. Another potential problem lies with the pipes themselves; older pipes will have the potential to leach minerals into the water. If you have a home water supply, such as a well, there can be even greater problems with water quality, especially if you haven't done ground testing to make sure that the area is environmentally safe. 

What You Can Do

If you believe you have water quality issues, the first thing to do is contact a water treatment specialist. They can come to your home to collect water samples for testing; depending on your complains, they might test for bacteria, viruses, heavy metal content, or chemicals in your water supply. From that information, they can help you devise a plan of action. In many cases, full or partial water system replacement is necessary to ensure that whatever is making you sick stays out of your system. This may include installing water filters or water softeners, getting your plumbing replaced, replacing the piping or delivery method for your water source, or finding a water delivery service to ensure a higher water quality. 

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