Two Pieces Of Equipment That Are Effective In Cleaning The Parking Lot Outside Of Your Business

The parking lot outside of your business is likely going to receive quite a bit of traffic. Cars will be pulling in and out of it during business hours, and you will also have a lot of foot traffic into and out of your business as well. Because all of this traffic, it is no surprise that your parking lot is going to get dirty. In addition, your parking lot will also gather debris from blowing leaves, trash, etc. A combination of these things will require you to clean your parking lots regularly in order to keep them looking good and in good overall condition. In order to properly clean them, you are going to need the right equipment. This article will discuss two pieces of equipment that are effective in cleaning the parking lot outside of your business. 

Outdoor Sweeper

The first step in cleaning your parking lot is going to be to get rid of all the dirt and debris that has built up. A great tool for this is an outdoor sweeper. An outdoor sweeper can either be driven or pushed, depending on its size, and it has two bristled sweepers that spin in circles. This effectively brushes everything into a pile so that a brush located in the middle of the street sweeper can sweep it onto a belt and into a holding tank until it can be properly disposed of. You may need to empty the street sweeper a few times before your parking lot is completely cleaned, depending on the size of your street sweeper and how big your parking lot is. In either case, this will effectively sweep your parking lots so that you can move onto the next phase of cleaning. 

Pressure Washer 

While the sweeper is great for removing dirt and debris, it can't remove stains or items that are thoroughly stuck onto your parking lot. When oil comes out of cars, it can stain your parking lot and can be quite hard to remove. Also, when someone spills a drink or spits out their gum, this is going to stick to your parking lot as well. In order to effectively remove these things from your parking lot, you are going to need to use a pressure washer. The pressure washer uses a combination of water and pressure to blast these things off of your parking lot. You will also use a cleaner that helps to break down the oil and other things.

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