Don't Take Chances With Your Career: 3 Reasons You Need A Professional Resume

If you've been applying for jobs, but having no luck, the problem might be with your resume – or lack thereof. In today's job market, employers are looking for resumes that tell them a story. They don't want to look at applications. Employers want resumes that show them precisely why they should hire you over someone else. If you don't have a resume, or you've used a one-size-fits all form, you're likely going to be passed over during the weeding out process. That's when employers go through the resumes and toss out the ones that don't provide enough detail. To make sure you don't get overlooked, here are three reasons you need to hire a professional resume service.

Create a Complete Picture

If your resume is filled with holes – such as gaps in your employment history – prospective employers may not give you a second thought. To get noticed, your resume needs to provide a complete history of your employable life – which is much different than an employment history. A professional resume writer will fill in those gaps, to create a complete picture of everything you've done since becoming old enough to work. For instance, if you had a gap between college and your first job, you might list yourself as unemployed. However, a professional resume writer will list the volunteer work you did during that time.

Highlight Your Extracurricular Accomplishments

If your resume doesn't list any of your accomplishments, you're selling yourself short. Those accomplishments might just set you one step ahead of your closest competition. That's important when you're trying to land your dream job.  A professional resume writer will know how to document all your accomplishments – including the ones that you don't think are important. You might not think that your stint as student body president is important, but to an employer it shows that you have leadership skills.

Edit the Mistakes

If your current resume is riddled with mistakes – whether you know it or not – those mistakes could be jeopardizing your chances of being hired. Before you submit your resume, have it looked at by a professional. They'll be able to identify – and fix – the mistakes that make your resume look anything but professional.

Don't take chances with your career. In today's job market, you need as many advantages as you can get. You can improve your chances of being hired by submitting a professionally prepared resume. For more information, contact companies like Convenient Resumes.

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