Bringing Holiday Cheer To Your Company's Holiday Packages

During the holiday season, you may want to make your customers' purchases look a little more special with unique packaging options. You can make your items look cheerful and festive by customizing your mailing containers. Here are just a few ideas you can do to put some jolly holiday fun into your packaging.

Choose Printed Mailing Cartons

Instead of using plain brown boxes, opt for printed mailing boxes and cartons. You can have images of Christmas trees, wreaths, snowmen, or snowflakes printed on the exterior of your boxes for the holiday season. Consider having your company name and logo placed in the center of one side of the box (being careful not to place it where you will be putting your mailing labels). Each time your customers receive a package with the festive designs, they'll know they are getting something great for the holidays.

Tie It With A Bow

While you can't put a bow on the outside of your mailing containers, you can add a bow and some ribbon to the inside of each box. They can be used by your customers to wrap the items they have ordered, which gives you a way to make each order more convenient. You can also add tissue paper and gift wrap inside boxes for large-ticket items as a way of saying thank you for each customer's purchase. For customers who order their items gift wrapped, consider adding a gift bag to go along with the wrapped presents.

Add A Surprise To The Packing List

If you use packing list envelopes for your mailing containers, consider adding a little something extra with each box. This could be a hand-written thank-you card, or it could be a sheet of Christmas gift tags your customers can use when they wrap their presents. You might even want to add a coupon or gift card for your business as a bit of added holiday cheer. Be sure to include a note inside each box letting your customers know to check the packing slip, as not everyone will think to do this when they receive their order.

Little touches can go a long way at the holidays. Think of different ways you can customize your company's mailing containers to spread some extra holiday cheer and let your customers know just how much you truly appreciate their business. You'll be able to add to their shopping experience, and you might even be able to convince customers to keep shopping with you through your festive holiday mailing containers.

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