Get Them Involved: 3 Steps To Get Your Kids Involved In Current Events

It can be difficult for young children to understand what they hear on the news. This is particularly true during times when all the news stories seem to be negative. You may try to shield your child from the events that are shaping the world. Unfortunately, if you shield your child, they may go elsewhere to learn about the events that are occurring. Instead of shielding your child from current events, find a way to help them understand the news. Here are three simple steps you can take to teach your child about current events.

Find Age-Appropriate Stories

When it comes to teaching your child about current events, it's important to choose age-appropriate stories. Begin by finding local news stories about events that your child may find interesting. For instance, if your child enjoys animals, find stories related to local animal shelter activities, such as charity events. As your child matures, you can add stories related to politics and crime.

Encourage Questions About Current Events

There are going to be times when your child asks questions about current events that might not be appropriate for their age. For instance, with local rioting surrounding recent elections, your child might want to know why the rioting is occurring. Instead of going into details that your child might not understand, simplify the events by simply stating that people are having a difference of opinion.

In most cases, young children will be satisfied with simple answers to their questions. It's important to note that you should avoid remaining silent on the issue. Refusing to provide an answer to your child's question could cause them to seek answers elsewhere. Unfortunately, those answers might not be as age-appropriate.

Watch the News as a Family

If you have older children, the evening news might be a good way to encourage open communication about current events. Invite your children to watch the news with you. Suggest that they take notes about news stories that they might find interesting. Once the news is over, talk to them about the stories they've taken notes about. Encourage your child to research those stories to find as many details as they can about the news event.

If you have children, it can be difficult to know when it's time to get them involved in current events. Use the tips provided here to encourage open communication about the stories that are making the news.

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