The Safest Place For A Safe: 3 Strategies For Hiding Your Home Safe In Plain Sight

People are predictable. That's why thieves are so good at their jobs. They know where most people keep their valuables, and they head straight for these hiding places as soon as they enter a home. If you think you've come up with a unique place to put your money that thieves won't find, think again. Some of the most popular and well-known hiding places are kitchen cabinets, dresser drawers, the toilet tank, the freezer, and under the bed. These are all hot zones for thieves. So how can you fool them? Get a safe and hide it in plain sight. 

Built-in Safe

Built-in safes place in the wall or floor are ideal. However, it's easier to build a large safe into your home at the time of construction than it is to add one later. While tricky, you can still put a built-in safe in an older home, however. You just have to pick a small enough space that will fit between your wall studs or floor joists. Have a carpenter install the safe deep enough so you can create a false front. For the floor, sections of removable flooring materials work best as long as they blend with the rest of the flooring. 

Camouflaged Safe

If you don't want to go through the trouble of placing a safe in a wall or floor of your home, you can get a used safe and camouflage it. Keep in mind that if criminals find your safe, they still won't be able to open it. To camouflage a safe, pick an inspired location. A garbage can in the garage or storage container will do. Simply place the safe in the bottom of your receptacle and fill the excess space with items that you would normally find in them. For example, you can place holiday decorations on top of your safe before sealing it in a storage bin. 

Unique Safe

You may also want to think about getting a unique safe that camouflages itself. Safes that look like regular household items, such as food containers, paint cans, rocks, and more, can be placed in plain sight without thieves ever being aware that they're there. The key is to pick an item that looks like it's supposed to be there and doesn't draw attention. 

If you plan to keep valuables at home, you should have a safe to put them in. If you wish to add a safe to your home, you can use one of the above strategies to get it done. Contact a company like State-Wide Lock & Safe Inc to learn more.

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