Why Your Company Should Invest In Color Grading Software For Its Event Videography

Does your company often record videos of its company conferences, trade shows, public summits, or other events? If so, you'll likely be using these videos in the years to come as part of your marketing or PR materials. Maybe you'll even make a promotional video you can use to pitch potential recruits to your company. Regardless of how you are using this video, you obviously want it to look as good as possible. You might have someone on your staff who can handle basic video shooting, but how do you make the result look as good as you want it too? Here's why your company's video team might want to invest in some color grading software.

Same Quality of Video Regardless of Lighting

If one or more of your events will include both an outdoor and an indoor venue, the resulting video that you shoot at each location might end up looking different based on how much light was in the area at the time of the shoot. Sure, you can correct for bad lighting on your video equipment to a certain extent, but the colors might still be less than perfect in the final film. If you are using this video to put together a marketing or promotional piece, you don't want the viewer to be jarred out of the experience when transitioning between indoors and outdoors by a significant change in lighting. Color grading software can give your videos the same even look the whole way through.

Make Your Executives or Team Look Just Right

One of the most common complaints of a video that has less than ideal coloring is skin tone. People just don't look natural or like themselves if the color is off. If you are using these videos for promotional or marketing purposes, you will of course want any employees (and especially executives) who show up in the videos to look like themselves. Color grading can restore an individual's natural look so that there are no distractions, and the viewer of the video can simply focus on the message you are trying to get across.

Tackle a Lot of Video Quickly

If you want to get your videos uploaded or otherwise ready to go as quickly as possible after the event, your video team might need a hand with editing. Most color grading software features auto adjustment capabilities across the entire length of the video. Make one adjustment to brightness or contrast in one spot and the software will make the same fix in other places where it is needed without you having to go frame by frame.

Contact a color grading software business, such as Cinema Grade, today for more information.

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