3 Things You Forgot to Put in the Reception Venue Contact That Could Ruin the Big Day

After spending months planning the perfect wedding, the thought of leaving any reception detail unintended seems inconceivable to you. The following are three of the most important reception venue details most often overlooked. 

1. Who brings the tent if it rains?

Outdoor receptions provide a touch of enchantment that cannot be replicated in an indoor venue. When a bird chirps a pretty song during the bride and groom's first dance, the perfect day is complete. If it rains at an outdoor reception venue, however, a backup plan is required. But who's in charge of the contingency plan?

Most couples have a Plan B for inclement weather. Trouble is, no one takes ownership of it. Supplying the tent can be the responsibility of the reception venue, caterers, or wedding planner. In vendor meetings, a tent is decided on in the case of rain but never makes it into any of the contracts. As always, get it in writing. 

2. Who's in charge on the big day?

Most brides insist on tending to each detail of their wedding and reception. On the big day, however, they forget to arrange for a point person of contact between the vendors (e.g. caterers, musicians, venue management). Unfortunately, the vendors are left with no other option but to badger the reception party when issues arise. 

Select someone close to your wedding plans but not involved in the wedding party. To ensure everything runs smoothly at the reception venue:

  • Place the name of the point of contact in the vendor and venue contracts.
  • Bring your point person to at least one meeting with each vendor and make a formal introduction.
  • Have your liaison make the first contact with, and provide their seating location to, each vendor before the festivities begin 

3. Who ensures no one drives away from the reception venue drunk?

Depending on state laws, you, the bartender, or wedding insurer could be held liable if someone leaves the reception venue and gets in an accident while intoxicated. The vendor contract should clearly state who will hold the liquor license. To ensure everyone's safety:

  • Appoint several designated drivers and place a sign at the exit. 
  • Have the MC mention the designated drivers at least three times throughout the event. 
  • If a valet is available, arrange in advance for a cab or Uber service. Consider running a partial cash bar and using the saved money to provide Uber vouchers. 

With all roles filled, the bride, groom, and guests can relax and enjoy the evening. Learn more by working with a reception venue service. 

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