2 Signs Your Home's Old Water Well Pump Needs Replacing

When you depend on a well to supply your household with water, you know that the pump inside of it must stay in good condition so that it can give you a constant supply. However, because the pump is getting old, you may be wondering whether or not it may be time to switch it out for a new one. If so, look for the following signs that your home's old water well pump is failing and needs replacing.

1. Water Coming out of Your Faucets Constantly Sputters

One sign that your well's old pump is starting to go bad is when you start noticing that the water coming out of the faucets is constantly sputtering. This is especially true when you first turn on the spigot.

Normally, the water flows through the well pump's closed system that does not allow for air contamination. However, if the casing becomes cracked or the air bladder within the pump cracks or comes loose, air will enter into the system, mix with the water, and cause the sputtering.

If this is happening, the sputtering caused by the air is more than an annoyance. It also introduced increased pressure within your lines, which could cause damage to the pump and pipes if it is not fixed. Before this happens, the pump should be replaced.

2. Pump Makes Clicking Noises Whenever You Turn on the Water

Another sign that your well pump should be replaced soon is when you start hearing clicking noises whenever you turn on the water inside of your house. To check for this problem, have someone stand near the well while you turn the spigots off and on in your house.

If they do hear a clicking noise, one of a couple of issues may be present. First, the motor may be worn out and is struggling to keep up with the pressure and flow of water. Second, the air bladder may be loose or detached. Either way, a new pump should be installed.

If you notice the above signs whenever you turn the water on in your home, there is a good chance that your well pump is going bad and may need replacing. Before the pump fails completely, contact a business that offers residential water well pump installation services to have them check out the pump so that they can discuss your options for replacing a new one if they find that the current one is bad.

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