Reasons Nontraditional College Students Prefer Apartment Life

Nontraditional students attending universities and colleges are characterized by a range of demographics. Age and part-time status are two common examples. Student apartments for rent are available, providing numerous advantages for these individuals. These students, along with many traditional ones, want more space and independence than they would have in a small dorm room.

Relevant Statistics

As of 2017, some 37 percent of full-time college students in public school settings were aged 25 to 29. Only 37 percent were under age 25, making that group the minority. 

Why Many Students Are Nontraditional

Nontraditional students have various reasons for making this choice.

Working full-time after high school to save money for college may have been necessary. Others served in the military with the goal of having their education paid for. An individual might have married young and later divorced, and now wants to make other life changes. Part-time nontraditional students might be working full-time. Also, many young persons aren't sure what career they want until several years after high school graduation.

Advantages of Apartment Living

Some nontraditional students sign up for a residence hall room because they believe it will help them focus on their coursework. Most, however, prefer to have more living space, independence, and privacy. 

Even with roommates, these individuals might still have a single bedroom. There is a kitchen in which to prepare meals and a shared living room where everyone can socialize. If studying at home is ever a problem, they can head to the campus library.

Floor Plans

Apartment buildings constructed near universities usually are designed for two to four residents to comfortably share the place. Apartments for four typically have two bedrooms, while the others have two or three. Even when sleeping space must be shared, the apartment's extra square footage makes life more enjoyable. It's significantly different than sharing a dorm room.

A Diverse Population

A blend of nontraditional and traditional students in the complex is appealing. Students become friends with people of varying age groups and personal backgrounds. Some have only been out of high school for two years, while others are in their 30s or older. The environment is a diverse social experience, adding to the enrichment of a college education.

Getting Started

Nontraditional students may have enough experience with budgeting to develop a financial plan for the upcoming year. Once they know how much rent they can afford along with other expenses, it's time to start checking out suitable opportunities. 

For more information, reach out to a student apartment complex in your area.

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