Advantages Of Using Kraft Tubes For Shipping Blueprints

If you're a home designer, you'll probably make a lot of blueprints in your career. You may need to ship them off to clients that don't live in your area, which you can do with added assurance when kraft tubes are used. They make blueprint shipping less difficult for a couple of reasons.

Keep Blueprints Rolled Up

It's customary to roll up blueprints before they're placed in a shipping container. It helps save space and also gives blueprints a little more protection during travel. If you put your blueprints in kraft tubes, then you can ensure they'll remain rolled up.

Kraft tubes are compact so once you roll up blueprints and insert them inside the tubes, there won't be very much room for the blueprints to unravel. Instead, they'll sit tight until the recipient takes them out from the kraft tube.

Humidity Protection

If your blueprints were exposed to any sort of humid environment, then it's pretty common for them to get damaged. They may fold a lot more easily and even rip. If you're trying to send some very important blueprints to clients that you're working with, you need to control humidity in shipping.

Controlling humidity is easy when you utilize kraft tubes. They can be manufactured to seal tightly thanks to special plastic caps that attach at the end. Once your blueprints are placed in the tube, you can snap the caps on the ends and know humidity won't cause the blueprints harm. They'll remain sealed off until recipients take the caps off. 

Same-Day Shipping

You may realize you need to ship blueprints out at the last minute. You don't have to worry about ordering kraft tubes at the last minute because a lot of companies that offer them will have same-day shipping. They know people have to access these mailing tubes sometimes quickly and same-day shipping can accommodate these customers.

You may not even have to pay more for same-day shipping. Just make sure you order the right quantity of kraft tubes and ensure the dimensions will work based on the size of your blueprints that need to be sent to recipients through the mail. 

You want to exercise caution when sending something as important as blueprints through the mail. Kraft tubes are a good protective resource for these special documents. They will decrease the odds of damage and give you more faith in your ability to send blueprints off through the mail. 

Contact a local kraft tube and other mailing supplies provider to learn more.

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