Tube Beading: A Brief Introduction To Common Beads

Tube beading is a vital process for many industries and applications. It's essential because beads formed at the end of a tube improve its ability to hold a hose in place. That lets users rest assured no accidental letdowns can lead to problems like flooding and hazardous fluid leaks. Moreover, beaded metal tubes are often stronger than their counterparts and more likely to withstand long-term wear and deterioration. And there's more good news: tube beading experts charge reasonable prices and do a thorough job using state-of-the-art equipment. All you have to do is find a reputable tube beading service provider and hire them to install any of the following on your items: 

1.       SAE Beads

As the name suggests, SAE beads are tube-end forming solutions standardized by the Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE). The SAE is a worldwide association of certified engineers and other technical experts who use their expertise and experience to help promote, develop, and advance automotive, commercial vehicles, and aerospace engineering. That makes these beads ideal for various applications in the automotive industry and similar sectors.  Generally, using tubes with SAE beads helps manufacturers and other stakeholders connect fluid or fuel transfer systems that vehicles need to run efficiently. Without beading, pipes like fuel lines may slip out at any time. No one wants that because driving a car with leaking fuel is dangerous to the driver and other road users since fuel is flammable. Besides wasting a priceless resource, fuel leaks and spillages harm the environment and make water unsafe for consumption.

2.       Marmon Beads

Many applications within the tube and pipe industry rely heavily on Marmon beads. You may also find these tube end forms on commonplace products like diesel particulate filter (DPF) canisters. DPFs are very popular, and experts install them in trucks and other vehicles to decimate most diesel engines' soot or diesel particulate. Today, service providers use tooling techniques and solutions that produce accurate Marmon beads with exemplary surface profiles and tighter tolerances. That is why tube ends with these beads fit well in their final form and work perfectly with objects made from different raw materials, including mild and stainless steel.

3.       Inverted beads

If you want a tube end form that doesn't require you to expand a pipe's diameter, go with inverted beads. Avoiding tube expansion is advisable because the process often causes gas blowback, which leads to defects like porosity. Inverted beads help you avoid that since experts recess them within the tube's diameter, rendering tube diameter expansion uncalled-for. End-users can also use inverted beads to seat O-rings on various tubes' outer diameters. And combining beads and O-rings makes joints easier to make and connections more secure.

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