How Landlords Can Easily Keep Lead Paint Safety Certificates

If you're a landlord and have lead paint in some of your units, you need to obtain a lead paint safety certificate to show tenants they aren't at risk. Keeping this certificate active won't be hard if you take these precautions.

Research Local Lead Paint Laws 

So that you know more about what to do with lead paint currently around your properties being rented out, you should take time to research local lead paint laws. Every state has them. Brushing up on these protocols and rules will make it a lot easier to get and keep a lead paint safety certificate.

These laws may state that you need to have certified lead paint experts around when performing renovations or have to notify tenants when renovations are taking place that deals with lead paint. Being informed is key in keeping a lead paint safety certificate.

Hire Certified Lead Paint Contractors

If you do plan on renovating your property that has lead paint or is looking to remove lead paint entirely, then you'll need to hire contractors that specialize in lead paint. They'll know exactly what safety protocols to follow and that's key for keeping a lead paint safety certificate as a landlord.

There are a lot of these professionals available for hire. You just need to confirm they're specifically certified to work with lead paint. Then you'll have more safety controls in place regardless of what you decide to do around your property.

Take Certification Course Seriously 

You will be required to go through a formal course to receive a landlord lead paint safety certificate. It's important that you take this course seriously and try to learn as many things from it as you can. Then you can make sure this certificate remains active without any issues.

Many important topics will be covered, such as how to safely work with lead paint, what hazards to watch out for, and how you need to inform tenants when this type of work is completed. Try to remember as much as you can so that when you do perform work involving lead paint, you don't risk having your safety certificate terminated. 

If you're a landlord, you may need to get a lead paint safety certificate. As long as you follow the right procedures over the years when dealing with lead paint, keeping this certificate will be easy and then you can avoid hefty fines. 

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