Properly Caring For An Antique Pocket Watch

If you recently acquired an antique pocket watch, you likely want to show it off to those you come into contact with. A vintage pocket watch is a wonderful conversation piece and will last for years if you take proper precautions to protect it. Here are some suggestions to help you keep your pocket watch in the best condition possible. 

Avoid Using Your Watch At All Occasions

Make it a priority to select only certain times to keep your pocket watch on your body. Avoid using it when you know you are going to engage in any type of activity where your body is subjected to force from another, such as when playing sports or exercising. These are times when it is best to keep your antique pocket watch at home. If you know you are primarily engaging in subdued activities, such as going out to dinner or taking a walk among other people, keep your watch handy so you have the chance to share it and its story with others. 

Set Up A Special Area For Your Pocket Watch

When you are not using your antique pocket watch, it is a good idea to have a designated location to hold it. This way you always know where it is should you decide to pack it to bring along with you. The spot you select should give the watch protection in the form of cushioning to minimize the potential for damage to your piece if it happens to fall to the floor. A cushioned box with a secure lid works well. Alternately, place your pocket watch in a drawer away from other items so it does not become scraped or scratched. 

Polish Your Watch To Remove Debris

Your antique pocket watch is likely constructed of metal. Instead of using harsh chemical agents to remove debris and smudges from the piece, opt to polish the pocket watch using only a piece of cloth. This minimizes the potential of damage to the inside components and there is no worry about discoloration of the case in which the watch is enclosed. Use a soft piece of clean cloth, such as microfiber, so scratches to the watch do not occur when you clean it. If your pocket watch is exceptionally dirty or if the metal casing has become tarnished due to normal usage, bring it to a professional jeweler to tend to for you.

Contact a local service to learn more about antique pocket watches.

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